Halloween Party Ideas 2016

Halloween Party Ideas 2016

Sweet, or scary, developing Halloween party ideas is a tricky job. The history and origin of Halloween may be that of to honor the saints and martyrs, it is now an event characterized by activities, costume designs and treats for kids. Children aged 8-12 usually enjoy trick or treat activities, bonfire nights and Halloween parties etc. As the days are coming near, we have gathered a few unique and interesting Halloween party ideas for your kids.

Fun Photo Booth

With the increasing craze of capturing photos and taking selfies, a photo booth is one of the perfect Halloween party ideas.

How to Design Fun Photo Booth for Halloween?

Design a background

To make a photo booth, one must decide what area of the house will be best suitable for it. A plain, broad walled area will be best to set up a background. If the background itself is not of appropriate design, you may have to design a back drop. This can be done by making use of simple supplies. For example, a plain black fabric or a few sheets of crepe paper will be enough to cover a certain walled area. On it, you can use stripes of orange and yellow colors to make it a little interesting. Try not to overdo the back drop as all the focus should be on props and photos and not on background.


Designing the props

The most creative of all the Halloween party ideas is to design interesting props for photos. Children enjoy doing this activity in groups. You need pages of different colors, usually orange, black and yellow, a few sticks and glue. Cut out your favorite shapes from the paper, i.e. spooky glasses, pumpkin with scary face, or the written words of Trick or Treat. Attach them with a wooden stick, and there you go. Your props are ready. These simple Halloween party ideas can also be carried out by the children themselves.

Designing paper crafts

Let the kids participate in carrying out their Halloween party ideas. They can make easy paper crafts to decorate the house or backyard according to the theme. An easy craft idea is to make hanging spider webs.

How to make hanging spider webs

You will need a few paper plates, a puncher, scissors, yarn, hair pins, plastic spiders, scotch tape and sticker decorations.

  • Cut a circular portion from the center of the plate. If you are doing it with kids, stencil the circle so that they can cut it out easily. Be careful with the scissors.
  • Punch a few holes along the entire diameter of the plate.
  • At the back of the plate, tape a relatively longer piece of yarn and secure it with a hair pin on the back. This will make it easy for the child to do the next step.
  • Ask your child to pass the yarn through holes in a criss-cross manner. It will give the look of a spider web.
  • Secure the end point of yarn with the tape.
  • Let the children decorate the plates. Paste the plastic spiders in the center of the web.

Halloween spider

Cool Halloween theme snacks

A party without food is certainly incomplete, so why not serve your guests with some Halloween themed snacks. One of the Halloween party ideas is to decorate the food items according to the theme. No need to buy extra baking supplies, simple homemade donuts or store brought will also do the trick. For Halloween themed donuts, here is what you need to do.

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  • Set out the donuts on a wide platter.
  • Roll a sheet of butter paper into cone shape and put some fully whipped cream inside.
  • Along the central hole of the donuts, make sharp, fanged teeth with the cream. Use chocolate chips to make the eyes.
  • To make it even more interesting, use a little strawberry jam or topping and drizzle it on the teeth to make them look like bloody teeth.

Halloween party ideas snacks

Spooky Halloween punch

Your Halloween party can take an interesting turn with this idea of a spooky punch. This punch will surely both frighten and delight your guests, and is the most interesting of all the Halloween party ideas. All you need is the following:

  • Sugar (2 cups)
  • Water (3/4 liters)
  • 12 ounce grape drink mix
  • 12 ounce orange drink mix
  • 1 can of soda
  • Eyeball candies

Blend sugar, water and grape and orange drink mixes together until completely dissolved. Just before bring it to the guests, add soda and pour the eyeball candies for that spooky effect. You can also add spooky looking candies or jellies in the bowl to make it look even scarier and go with the theme. Enjoy the punch.

Halloween party ideas

All these Halloween party ideas are designed so they can be carried out by kids themselves. They can make creepy and spooky paper crafts and decorate food items according to theme even more creatively. With the help of these and some of your own creative Halloween party ideas, you can make the event even sweeter, and even scarier. Happy Halloween!


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