Halloween games for kids party

Best Halloween games for kids party at home or School

Halloween has its origin from as early as 1901, but is celebrated by young children (and even adults) all over the world. Our collection of Halloween games for kids will make your party more enjoyable. For Halloween streets are decorated, Halloween themed parties are held, costumes are designed and activities are planned for kids. But what make the most of this event are the Halloween games for kids. These especially themed games are much enjoyed by not only children, but also by adults. Here are a few interesting Halloween games for kids. You can easily gather all the material and plan them for the upcoming Halloween party at home or at school.

Witchy Witch Ring toss

Not only this is one of most engaging Halloween games for kids, it is also an easy craft idea.

You will need:

  • Foam board or thermopile sheet
  • Black party hats
  • Black circular paper cutouts
  • Pool diving rings


All you need to do is paste circular black cutouts on the foam board. Paste black party hats on these circles so as they look like hats of a witch. Place this floorboard at a certain distance and ask children to stand at the other end of the room with rings in their hands. The child who puts most rings in the witch hats will win.

Halloween style bowling

One of the easiest Halloween games for kids is this slight modification of bowling.

You will need

  • Cans, medium sized, 6 to 7
  • Poster paints
  • Balls
  • Paint brushes

Paint the cans in different spooky Halloween faces. Let them dry. Stack all of them together. Let the children stand at a distance and ask them to throw the ball. They should aim to knock down all the ghastly faces. Remember to paint the cans in Halloween theme, make them spookier in your own creative way.

A little modification can be done in the same game. Arrange all the spooky looking cans in a line. Hand over a few candies to the kids and ask them to throw them in the cans. They should not miss the target. The child who fills the can to the maximum, wins all the candy.

Halloween games for kids

Solve Scary puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles can be designed for almost all kinds of themes and its one of the best Halloween games for kids.

You will require

  • Thick white foam sheet
  • Glu able magnets
  • Magnetic board

Cut out bones and skull from the white foam. Paste a hot glue magnet on the back side of each piece. Make bones and skulls for at least two skeletons. Hang a magnetic board with a wall. Hold a competition among two kids. The first to make out a complete skeleton on board with all the magnetic bones, wins.


Pierce a pumpkin

Halloween games for kids should not only be challenging, but also rewarding. They must have a trick or treat element in them. Hence, this game is especially designed to reward children with little presents. This is perhaps the cheapest themed game.

You will require.

  • Medium sized plastic cups
  • Orange crepe paper
  • Green chart paper
  • Black fabric for back drop
  • Glue gun
  • Plastic toy bows

Set the black fabric as backdrop against any wall. Place and paste the plastic cups on this backdrop in the shape of a pumpkin. Place a toy or few candies in few (but not all cups). Wrap all the cups with orange crepe papers. Make a leaf out of green paper and place it on top of pumpkin.

Ask the children to pop the crepe paper from plastic bows. The one, who finds a toy or hidden treats inside, wins.

Pumpkin pass

This is one of the modified versions of a classical game pass the pillow, to add to the ideas of Halloween games for kids. The only things required are a toy pumpkin, or can be made out of a chart paper, drum and a drum beat. Ask the children to sit in a circle. An adult can sit in the center of circle and beat the drum. The kids will pass the pumpkin to each other. When the drum beat stops, the child with pumpkin in the hands will perform a dare.This is one of best Halloween game for kids as of my personal experience.

Eat the donuts

Halloween games for kids or themed parties will remain incomplete without food. Hence this game is based on sweet treats.

You will need

  • Donuts, with different icings
  • Hanging strings
  • Loops or hooks with which the strings can be attached

Fix loops or hooks on a wall. Tie  donuts with hanging string and tie the string with loop. Ask the child to eat these hanging donuts, without touching them. The 1st child to finish the donuts, without touching it will win.


Matching memory game

Matching the puzzle game is not only popular among kids, but older people also play this in fun parties. This Halloween kids game especially in school should be so designed so as to improve their memory and learning. For this game, you will need:

  • Halloween themed images at least 10 (1 pair of each)
  • Double sided pattern paper, to cover the back side of images

Paste the pattern paper on back side of the Halloween themed images to conceal the original picture. Place them on the floor, pattern side up. Ask the child to lift one image and then search for its pair. Only two chances of mistakes are allowed. The child to score the most will win.


Candy hidden dare

Even young teenagers can play this fun game. All you need is a big glass bowl filled with chocolates, candies and jellies. Write a few dares on pieces of papers and hide them in the candy bowl. Ask each child to find one dare and fulfill it. The child who will fulfill all the dares gets the bowl of treats as a reward. Be sure to make the dares all Halloween based, spookier and fun to carry out.

All These Halloween games for kids are very easy to arrange, joyous to play, and can be arranged at any Halloween themed party, at school or home. Try to gather more children because it makes these games more exciting. Moreover, children can also become more apt in their art and craft skills, while helping in preparing for the game.

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