Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Is your house all planned and decorated for the Halloween party, but you cannot decide any Halloween  costume for your kids? No need to worry. We will be showing you some interesting and unique Halloween costume ideas for kids. Not only they are simple to execute, they do not require much expensive material. These ideas will make your child look adorable for a Halloween themed party.

Note that while executing these Halloween costume ideas for kids, if you are letting your child help yu, take care with the sharp objects such as needles, scissors etc.

Mummy Halloween Costume for kids

If you want to design a mummy like costume for your kid, and you do not have enough time, then don’t worry! This is one of those Halloween costume ideas for kids who do not need much time, or much material. Just take out an old white sheet or table cloth. Cut it into long, large stripes. In a washing tub, pour some water and discoloring bleach. Sink in all the stripes. Let them sit for 5-7 minutes approx. and then take them out. Rinse and dry. The discoloring bleach will give the realistic effect of old, rotted wraps of a mummy. Wrap these stripes on your child. Paint his face in pale white color and darken the eyes. You have a perfect mummy ready to haunt your guests at the party.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Super teethy shark Halloween costume

Many Halloween costume ideas for kids require a little bit of your creativity and stitching skills. This costume is also easy to design, and requires material which will be easily available.

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You will need:

  • Grey pants and hooded shirt
  • Grey, white and red felt or other soft fabric
  • Black buttons
  • Circular cut cardboard
  • Glue gun and scissors

Here is our guide on How to make Shark costume for kids

  1. Cut a rectangle out of white felt and paste it on the front side of grey sweatshirt.
  2. Using the same white felt piece cut a zigzag stripe to resemble teeth. Paste this stripe on the inside edge of the hood.
  3. Cut the round cardboard into the shape of the fin of the shark.
  4. Paste the similar shaped grey felt on the piece of cardboard.
  5. Attach the fin to the backside of the hoodie.

This will make a wonderful and spooky shark like costume for the Halloween party.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Skinny skeleton Halloween costume.

This is one of the most creative Halloween costume ideas for kids. It will transform your child in to a poky looking skeleton. Your child will surely be getting a dozen of treats on his trick or treat spree. It only requires material which is easily available at home.

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You will require:

  • Black long sleeve high hoodie
  • Black long tides
  • White ribbon (make pleats on it)

Cut the ribbon into stripes of different lengths. These stripes will make ribs, arm bones and leg bones of the skeleton. Paste the ribbon on shirt on appropriate places. Also, design a horrifying mask to match with the costume out of paper plates and poster paints. Pair this costume with white sneakers or P.T shoes.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Ghost Halloween costume

What is a Halloween party without spooky ghosts swirling all around? The easiest of all Halloween costume ideas for kids is this one to execute. You only need a large, pale white old bed sheet. Drape it all over the child. Cut two round holes for the eyes and one for nose. Make it even scarier and realistic by pouring over some red paint, or spraying it. Make sure that the sheet is large enough to conceal the feet of the child, to give the realistic effect of a swirling ghost.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Easy weasy witch Halloween costume

Is your daughter insisting you to make her a witch but you don’t have time? Don’t worry. It will take less than an hour to make her the way she wants.

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  • All you need is a black colored poncho, or you can make one at home by yourself using a black bed sheet. Wrap it around her.
  • For the witch’s hat, take a paper plate and cut a circle from the center of it. Cut a piece of black cardboard and roll it in a shape of cone. Paste the cone on the paper plate to make the witch’s hat.
  • Darken her eyes with black eyeliner and apply dark red lipstick on her face. Paint her face white or pale yellow to give the realistic look.
  • Team up this costume with black tights and a broom.
  • This is one of the easiest and most appealing of all the Halloween costume ides for kids.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Be it the trick or treat spree or the Halloween party, these Halloween costume ideas for kids will do more in less time, and less money. These will transform your kids into cute and adorable ghosts, witches and mummies, all set to attack the neighborhood for a lots of Halloween treats. Happy Halloween

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