Easy Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is such a kind of fun filed and joyful event for kids. Halloween activities for kids can be so planned to boost their creative thinking and craft skills.Halloween  boosts every child’s imagination to do something new. However, sometimes teachers at school and parents often go short of ideas about how to celebrate Halloween. So here we have gathered some creative and easy ideas about Halloween activities for kids.

1. Paper cut Halloween activities for kids

There are a number of Halloween related images available on the internet. These can be used to formulate a number of Halloween activities for kids as well as adults. You can search for some really unique Halloween activities on pinterest , and print them. Once you print quite a bundle of images, you can ask younger children to color them and paste on their walls or wardrobe doors. For children of middle school, age, you can ask them to paste images on piece of card boards, color them and make props for a photo booth. Cardboard images can also be hung through the ceilings to make a room spookier.

A scenic image can be pasted on cardboard and then cut into different pieces. Ask your child to re make the image as if it was a jigsaw puzzle.

Halloween Activities for Kids at home

2. Art and craft activity

For this specific Halloween activity ask your children to collect shells of different dry fruits e.g. peanut or pistachio. Paint some of them orange, some black and some green. Paste them on a cardboard to form a pumpkin like shape. This can be used as a cute wall hanging for your child’s room, or for the class room.

Teachers teaching art and crafts can ask children to bring a pumpkin from home. Cut and empty the pumpkin to yield the hollow shell. Carve spooky eyes and mouth. Place a lit candle inside the pumpkin shell. Switch off the lights of class room and place all the pumpkins at random places to get a scary, Halloween themed art room!

Halloween Activities for Kids at school

3. Trick or Treat activity

Any event is incomplete without some kind of sweet or candy. Make this trick or treat event sweeter by making yummy and cheap delights for your kids. After all, Halloween activities for kids are incomplete without sweet treats.

To make Halloween themed treats, you need the following:

  • Lollipops
  • Tissues (preferably white color)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Orange colored thread

Step By Step method.

  1. Layer two tissues atop each other.
  2. Place a lollipop in the center of the tissues. Do not unwrap the lollipop.
  3. Gather the corners of the tissues so that they surround the lollipop completely.
  4. Tie the edges with the help of orange thread. Make a cute bow.
  5. Ask your child to make spooky faces on the tissue to make a spooky looking Halloween treat.
  6. Make a lot of lollipops. Offer these to the friends of your children!

Halloween lollipop activity for kids

4. Pop the balloon activity

Party without balloons! No way. One of the best ideas for Halloween activities for kids is to make this huge pumpkin out of balloons. This will decorate your place for a Halloween themed party. Moreover, this balloon pumpkin can also be used for a game.

For the game purpose, fill the balloons with bright red colored bits of paper before blowing them up. When you get a lot of balloons, decorate the wall in shape of apple or pumpkin. Ask your kids and their friends that they have to burst the balloons using play darts from a certain distance. The kid who will burst the most wins. When the balloons will pop, the bright red colored pieces will spread all around and will give a good, spooky, party like ambience.

halloween ballons activity

5. Spooky eyes activity

Halloween activities for kids can be so planned that they result in cognitive development of kids in a fun filled way. This activity is designed to teach the kid how certain things glow in the dark. The child will learn this by making a cat’s eye with the help of cans and few art supplies.

Things You will need:

  • Two clean cans
  • Black chart paper
  • Red chart paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Flashlight or torch

How to Make Spooky eyes

  1. Trace a can onto the aluminum foil. Cut out the circle. Put this circle in the base of one can, shiny side up.
  2. Trace the can again on black chart paper, but this time, cut a larger circle than the traced one. Cut this out. From this cut out, cut another small ovoid shape which will be the pupil of the eye of the cat. Place both the circles on the top of can using tape.
  3. You can make the second eye in the same way
  4. Switch off all the lights of the room. Shine a flashlight or torch on the cat eyes. The eyes will shine brightly because of the aluminum which reflects the light. In the real cat’s eye, there is a membrane which reflects the light the same way.
  5. These kind of Halloween activities for kids lead to learning of science, as well as enhance their craft skills.

Halloween spookey eyes activity

6. Pin it right activity

Based on “pin the tail on donkey” these kinds of Halloween activities for kids can be conducted at school as well. On a soft board, paste a cutout of a ghost. On a chart paper, write the word “Boo”. Blindfold the child and ask him to pin this “Boo” correctly near the mouth of the ghost. The child who has correctly placed it can be given a small prize.

There can be variation in this game as well. You can paste a cutout of a happy pumpkin, and write the word “Trick or treat” to be correctly pinned near the mouth of the pumpkin.


All of these Halloween activities for kids can be planned for a Halloween themed party at home, or a Halloween week at school. You can always introduce your own creativity to enhance them even more. The interesting thing about these Halloween activities for kids is that they do not need much adult supervision, and kids can do these by themselves or with the help of elder siblings. These activities not only are fun filled and enjoyed by the kids, but also enhance the learning of a child and develops more interest in school. If you have something to say do write in the comment section.

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