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What are Cookies?

A small text file which a website saves on users computer or in your mobile devices to ensure better browsing and user experience.It helps us remember your past visit and the action you took previously, i.e login info, website preferences, screen info,font size etc. This benefits users to not enter their details again and again on their next visit.In order to understand cookies in better way, watch the below video.

How to Delete Cookies?

Stopping a website from storing your cookies or deleting cookies form your browser is very easy.One can do it easily from their browsers setting page.Its recommended not to disable cookies in any case as it helps us serve our visitors in better ways.By disabling cookies you may encounter some error and may face problems in site functionality.

Types of Cookies We set

1. Google Analytics

Our website uses tracking code from Google Analytics, which is the best tracking website and the most trusted one as well. Google Analytics cookies helps us track our users behaviors in many ways.It helps us track your country origin, the time you spent on our website, your operating system and the browser you used to visit our website.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page.

2. Social shares

Our website uses social shares button in order to provide you with an option to share our posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Pintrest, instagram etc. We will not in any case disclose or Share any personal information with third parties.

More Information

If you have any Question regarding our cookies policy, you can contact us through our contact Email HERE.




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